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                        Equipment composition of cabling machine

                        Release time:2021-03-02     Views

                          Pay off frame, stranding cage, wire mould base, wrapping machine, armor machine, meter counter, traction device, take-up and arrangement frame, transmission system and electrical system.

                          The main components of the cabling machine

                          1. Cage

                          The structure is similar to the stranding cage of stranding machine, on which there is a cable tray frame for placing insulating core tray. The number of cable reels of various types of cable formers is different. Large cable formers generally have 3 or 6 cable reels, while small ones can have 18 or 24 or even more cable reels. There is a brake on each reel frame of the stranding cage to control the tension of the core during stranding. The rotation speed of the winch cage is adjusted by the variable speed gear, and the rotation direction can also be changed. There are some fixed supporting rods in the front of the winch cage to place the filling rope reel.

                          2. Mold base

                          The parallel die can be replaced according to the need. Its function is to make several insulated cores join together and twist them into correct round cables.

                          3. Take the lead

                          The structure is similar to that of the paper wrapping head. Generally, there are three or six band clamps on the support, which are used to wrap cloth tape, paper tape, glass cloth tape or film tape on the outside of the cable core.

                          4. Tractor

                          It is composed of a large diameter rotatable wheel and a thread pulling ring, which can move the wire core in a straight line and has a speed adjusting device. The stranding pitch is mainly controlled by the speed of traction.

                          5. Take up device

                          It is used to wind the twisted cable on the take-up reel, and the storage speed should match the traction speed.

                          6. Pay off rack for placing center line tools.

                          The composition of the above-mentioned cabling machines is only general, there are many types of cabling machines, and the structures of various cabling machines are slightly different

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