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                        The cable machine manufacturer tells you the characteristics of the cable machine

                        Release time:2021-03-02     Views

                          The cabling machine is used for cabling and armor of multi-core rubber sheathed cables, plastic cables, cross-linked cables, telephone cables and control cables with various cross sections. According to the different speeds, the cable forming machine can be generally divided into cage type and high-speed cage type. Among them, the high-speed cage type cabling machine is used for the stranding of copper core aluminum stranded wire and bare aluminum wire, and can also be used for the cabling of plastic cable, rubber sleeve cable and other products. Main features of the cable former:

                          1. There are many varieties, all specifications and wide application. Users can choose the corresponding cabling equipment according to their needs.

                          2. It has the function of back twisting and no back twisting. There are three types of reverse torsion: reverse torsion ring reverse torsion, planetary gear system reverse torsion and sprocket reverse torsion.

                          3. There are two types of pre twisting: dynamic pre twisting and electric pre twisting. The coil clamping is divided into manual and electric clamping. The take-up is divided into axial and non axial forms.


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