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                        How to prevent wire and cable equipment from fire

                        Release time:2021-03-02     Views

                          Wire and cable equipment for transmission of electrical (magnetic) energy, information and electromagnetic energy conversion wire products In a broad sense, wire and cable are also referred to as cable. In a narrow sense, cable refers to insulated cable. It can be defined as an aggregate composed of one or more insulated wire cores and their respective cladding, total protective layer and outer protective layer. Cable can also have additional uninsulated conductor

                          Measures to prevent wire and cable fire:

                          1. Ensure the construction quality, especially the production quality of cable head must strictly meet the requirements.

                          2. Strengthen the monitoring of cable operation to avoid cable overload operation.

                          3. Carry out the cable test on schedule, and deal with the abnormal in time.

                          4. The cable trench shall be kept dry to prevent the cable from being affected with damp, which may lead to insulation decline and short circuit.

                          5. Regularly clean the dust accumulated on the cable to prevent the cable from being ignited due to the spontaneous combustion of the dust.

                          6. Strengthen the regular check and maintenance of cable circuit switch and protection to ensure its reliable action.

                          7. When laying the cable, keep enough distance from the hot pipe, the control cable shall not be less than 0.5m, and the power cable shall not be less than 1m. The control cable and power cable shall be arranged separately by slot, layer and layer, and shall not be overlapped between layers. Flame retardant and heat insulation measures shall be taken for the parts that do not meet the requirements.

                          8. Install fire alarm device to find out the fire in time and prevent the cable from catching fire.

                          Before the construction of electrical and mechanical engineering, electrical and mechanical engineers should conduct a comprehensive review of the whole construction organization design, improve the quality assurance system of electrical and mechanical engineering, and ensure that the electrical and mechanical engineering design conforms to the current national laws and regulations on Electrical and mechanical engineering construction and acceptance, so as to achieve the ultimate goal of safe and high-quality construction.

                          The person in charge of electrical and mechanical engineering construction shall be familiar with and understand all kinds of data forms and technical documents involved in the project, and keep the relevant documents properly. There should be a schedule for the construction of electrical and mechanical engineering, including the schedule of electrical and mechanical engineering, personnel plan, machine plan, etc. after the completion of the plan, it should be organized and implemented, and it can be modified or supplemented according to the situation in the project.

                          In the construction process of electrical machinery engineering, we must strictly abide by the relevant national laws and regulations of engineering construction to ensure the organized construction of electrical machinery engineering. It is strictly forbidden to use any unqualified materials in the construction of electrical and mechanical engineering, and it is strictly forbidden to have illegal electrical and mechanical operation. During the construction of electrical and mechanical engineering, the management personnel should always supervise, try to reduce rework and unnecessary cost consumption.

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