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                        What are the advantages of pipe strander

                        Release time:2021-03-02     Views

                          The wire and cable equipment is supported by front and rear bearings and supporting wheels. The 1 cylinder is made of high-quality steel tube. High coaxiality. The base is an integral structure with high speed, low noise and convenient installation.

                          It is convenient to make up the line in time. 2. The machine is equipped with a line breaking and stopping device.

                          Ensure the strand is not loose. 3. Single wire pre twisting device can be added.

                          Electrical machinery actively expand one-stop service business, to provide customers with quality services and products is the purpose of service. The company relies on its experience and position in the field of foreign trade. To provide customers with products, but also for domestic and foreign customers to provide product consulting, international marketing, customs agent, international freight and a series of intimate, professional services

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