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                        Maintenance and repair of cage strander

                        Release time:2021-03-02     Views

                          The strander (cage type) is a frame type structure. During the operation of the rotating body of the main machine of the cage strander, due to the imbalance of the weight of the reel, the body will swing slightly. When the cage strander is running, pay attention to the lubrication of the transmission parts of each part. Add lubricating oil every 10 days to prevent the wear and damage of the rotating parts caused by no lubricating oil.

                          If the coil is used between the tension friction wheel and the top wheel for a long time, the rotating bearing will be damaged, and the damaged bearing will be replaced at any time.

                          The long-term use of friction plate and friction plate of friction drive will wear the friction plate, so it should be replaced in time. The unevenness of the friction plate should be reprocessed to make the friction coefficient meet the requirements of friction slip, so as to ensure the normal operation and drive the take-up shaft to rotate.



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