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                          Ma'anshan Tianli Machinery Co., Ltd. adheres to the concept of "science and technology is the driving force of civilization, talents are the source of science and technology", puts the respect for talents in the first place, cultivates and improves the ability of employees, and takes the common improvement of employees and enterprises as the company's goal. If employees can integrate into the team and the enterprise, they can realize themselves at a higher level and achieve a more perfect self. The company creates a self-learning, self-motivated team environment, so that every employee can work together with the enterprise, grow together, and create a successful career.

                          In the process of realizing our dream, what we need most is talents. Outstanding talents are the foundation of outstanding enterprises. We always believe that talents are the soul of enterprise management and development. In terms of human resource development, our talent strategy is to tap the potential of employees, improve the quality of employees and optimize the talent structure through the practice of modern human resource management, so as to enhance the competitive advantage of enterprises, seize the commanding height of future development, provide a stage for talents who like innovation and challenge, create a good environment for the realization of personal value, and pursue the needs of enterprises and employees The best combination needed.

                          In the process of human resource management, the company adheres to management innovation, system innovation and concept innovation, creates an open, fair and just environment, establishes a set of mechanism to give full play to individual potential, and provides employees with development space to fully realize their self-worth.

                          The company will provide employees with:

                          1. Good working environment, harmonious relationship with colleagues and a united and energetic working team;

                          2. The system of appointing people on the basis of merit and encouraging young people's promotion;

                          3. Good learning and training plan.

                          Tongling qinghuabao Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. is an enterprise of young people, an enterprise that regards employees as the main wealth, and an enterprise with a better future. We hope more people will join us and pay more attention to our development.

                          The essence of enterprise competition is human competition and the competition for talents, and the competition for talents is the competition of talent system and employment method. Qinghuabao is a place that respects knowledge and people. Here, all kinds of elites can fully display their talents and get reasonable returns. In the nearly 40 years of development of the enterprise, the company has deeply felt the relationship between people and the enterprise

                          Productivity = intelligence = ability = potential ≠ education ≠ qualification