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                          We are a group of people who are full of passion and sense of responsibility for customers. We emphasize teamwork, advocate win-win situation, are good at learning and fighting, have the courage to innovate and insist, and provide sincere service to ensure that we can provide customers with a continuous stream of excellent products with fast time and accurate process. It is the concept of Fengli people under the new market integration, and Fengli is opening a new page!


                          Management philosophy: regard product quality and innovation as the lifeblood of development. Pursue excellent quality.

                          Business philosophy: always adhering to the core business philosophy of "pioneering and innovation, leading the trend, quality assurance, building a brand".

                          Employee care: the pursuit of common growth of employees and the enterprise, the pursuit of the growth of the enterprise at the same time employees get satisfactory returns, the pursuit of the rapid growth of the enterprise for employees to create a continuous growth space platform.